William Edmonds Illustrations And Drawings Bring The Weird And Wonderful Together

William Edmonds Illustrations Drawings

William Edmonds illustrations drawings snakes

William Edmonds is much more than an illustrator, yes his work is a weird amalgam of simply designed folksy drawings but he also makes zines, paints, collages, sculptures, prints, writes music and ceramics. Everything though comes from one place, drawing, and it’s in his drawing that we really see his unique perspective on things.

He’s also part of a really interesting arts collective called Nous Vous who see themselves as image makers who work in a wide variety of mediums and on various self – initiated arts projects and exhibitions. There is something innately positive about Edmonds work. Something that makes me smile and breathe well, think better of life in general, makes me realise that art is the only fire worth stoking. And for that I thank him.

As he says on his site its all about ‘mark and timbre, line and verse, form and play.’