Tom Broadbent’s Weird Look At People Who Love Dressing Up In Furry Csotumes

om Broadbent At Home With The Furries Photography

Tom Broadbent At home With The Furries photography games

Tom Broadbent‘s photo series ‘At Home With The Furries’ is a bit freaky. The first time I came across furries was on CSI – yes I know it’s a silly TV show that sensationalises everything to drive the ridiculous plot forward – and ever since then the whole idea of dressing up in a furry costume has weirded me out.

However in this series Broadbent does his best to normalise furries, gives us an everyday look into their lives, makes us realise that people who love dressing up as dragons, gargoyles, gryphons, cats, foxes and hanging out with one another are pretty much your average man and woman on the street. Go to work like everyone else. Are everyday people. Are bankers, seamstress, computer programmers, engineers and actors who simply love getting in touch with their inner child and having fun.

It’s no mean feat to earn the trust of such a secretive group and Broadbent had to get over the first two rules of Fur Club:
1. Don’t reveal your identity
2. don’t talk to journalists

So thanks to his persistence and transparency we get the opportunity to meet the likes of Zuki, a Gargoyle at home in Milton Keynes, who works in IT as well as many other furries who he shot in their homes, wearing their clothes, doing chores and playing computer games.

In summation I love the series, I’m totally intrigued. I find furries as strange as ever but would love to meet someone who gets their kicks out of dressing up as a mythical creature on the weekend – I might even try it myself if someone had a costume to give me . One thing is for sure their costumes are pretty cool. As for the pictures I managed to find out a little about some of the people in them. You’ve got:

Chil, a disco gryphon eats breakfast at home. Chil is a project manager who lives in Brighton with his partner, Red Russell.
Broccoli, a pink boar works in fursuits for a living.
Kreek and Quartermane are a woodland nymph and steampunk lion respectively. They live together in Brighton.
Twinkie is a North American Sea Otter and when he’s not swimming and jet-skiiing he likes to go fishing.
Ashram, a dragon in his garden. Ashram is one of Zuki’s suits