Tim Georgeson’s Photographs From Behind The Scenes Of Cirque Du Soleil Are Wonderful

Tim Georgeson Photographs From Cirque Du Soleil

Tim Georgeson’s photographs from his ‘Cirque Du Soleil’ series give us a small secret window into the magical world of the most famous circus in the World.

Behind all the Las Vegas glitz and glam of this most astounding circus is a group of incredible performers who work tirelessly to produce the most extreme, fantastical choreographed shows the world has ever seen. And Georgeson got to peek behind the curtains. See clowns and acrobats, jugglers and dancers preparing, putting on their faces, exercising, having fun and messing about.

The photographs have a relaxed style, taken on the go, nothing staged, just beautifully framed, thought out, articulate and expressive. They show the other side, the human side of this colossal production machine which plays across the World at multiple locations on any given night.

Georgeson himself is an award wining photographer from Australia who works primarily in advertising, art and environmental portraiture and has had his work featured in CODE, Colors, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic amongst others as well as numerous exhibitions around the World. On his website he has this to say about himself:

When not exalting strangers in the far flung corners of the world as they stray under his lens or sit across him at a bar, Georgeson can be found skateboarding with reindeer herders, escaping with a circus, headbanging at a heavy metal show or sipping wine with tarot cards.