Tim Colmant’s Illustrations Are A Bright Retro Pop Explosion Of Colour

Tim Colmant Illustrations Called Purple

Tim Colmant’s illustrations are a bright explosion of pastel oddities, a strange pop amalgamation of shapes that whisk us back in time to a 1980’s universe of over the top colour and design. Judging from his work Colmant must immerse himself into a joyous space, an uninhibited place in which he can populate his whacky world with monsters, blobs, squiggles, roads to nowhere and stairways to heaven.

These wonderful illustrations remind me of my daughters drawings; flat, colourful, full of bold shapes and strong lines that look vaguely like maps, perhaps the quickest route to the sweet shop. Either way, whichever way you look at them you can’t deny their fresh abandon and the happiness and playful manner in which they were created.