Thomas Barwick’s Illustrations Are All About Drawing

Thomas Barwick Illustration Drawing

Thomas Barwick’s illustrations are all about drawing, whether it be with a reed pen, bamboo pen, charcoal, graphite or ink. From there he goes everywhere, his work a journey through his comic book roots to skateboard design, books, album covers, fashion illustrations and portraiture.

Barwick’s style is impossible to pin down, his portfolio is diverse, an eclectic busy place full of digital and hand drawn illustrations, work that is stark and boldly colourful, loose limbed and highly graphic, experimental and mainstream as well as drawings that employ a variety of techniques and skills. What his body of work definitively shows is that Barwick is a man in love with drawing. As he says himself:

My practice straddles an eclectic skillset, from innovative digital image making through to traditional materials such as reed pen, bamboo pen,charcoal, graphite and ink. Often working with a hybrid of all of the above.

This diversity is all underpinned by a central interest in drawing in all its many forms. From academic life-drawing and anatomical study, to bold explorations of the subconscious, that can be used to generate imagery that communicates in powerful, fresh and enlightening ways. The aim? To seek a shared vision (Finis Aspectus) between illustrator and client.