Terry Gilliam’s Debut Animated Film, Storytime

| Film and animation | March 24, 2012

Terry Gilliam Film Called Storytime

Who doesn’t love Terry Gilliam? Well here’s a special treat. It’s his debut animation film, ‘Storytime’, and features three early examples of the Monty Python animator’s twisted take on life. The film was reputedly made in 1968 but some dispute the date. Anyway who cares. It’s early Gilliam. It’s a stream of consciousness journey through his delightfully absurd imagination.

As I said there are three parts:

Don The Coakroach
The Albert Einstein Story
A Christmas Card

What we do know about the film is that two of the sections namely ‘Don the Cockroach’ and ‘The Albert Einstein Story’ were broadcast on the 1971-1972 British and American programme, ‘The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine’, which featured Gilliam’s Pythonesque animation sequences at the beginning and end of each show.

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