Tauba Auerbach’s Paintings From ‘Fold’ Play With Illusion

| Art and design | June 21, 2013

Tauba Auerbach's Paintings Fold

Tauba Auerbach’s paintings are remarkable compositions – yes you’re looking at flat paintings – that deconstruct the traditional distinctions between image, dimensionality and content. In particular her work on surfaces. In this series ‘Fold’ she first twists and folds the canvas – by ironing or pressing it – until the marks from her actions are left in the material. While the material has it’s three dimensional contours she sprays it and leaves it dry. Once done the canvas is stretched leaving the memory of the fold, a trompe l’oeil effect, that is disarming, a reproduction of a 3D image on a 2D surface. It is a simple process that is both inventive and beautiful to look at.

This series is part of Auerbach’s ongoing investigation into the area of topology – the mathematical study of the most basic properties of space, such as connectedness, continuity and boundary – from which she has created numerous works in different art forms including; paintings, drawings, photographs and artist books. It is an artistic process that seeks to bring divergent ideas together – disorder and order, readability and abstraction, permeability and solidity – into unified surfaces and volumes.


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