Simon Prades Latest Illustrations From ‘Loup’ Describe The Wonders Of The Forest

Simon Prades Illustrations Loup

So I’m back, re-visiting Simon Prades wonderful illustrations. In particular his new series ‘Loup’ which is all about the forest, its change through the seasons, its contrasts, the light and shade, the stories it invokes in our imagination.

What I love most about Prades is that he’s in love with drawing, the simple act of putting pen and pencil to paper. There is no hiding behind clever witticisms, digital bravado in these drawings. It is all about technique. And Prades is a wonderful exponent of it.
Here’s what he has to say about this ongoing series:

This is a series of drawings I made in the beginning of 2013.
I spend quiet some time walking around in the near forests, when I need new ideas or have to rethink stuff with a clear view. In January I decided to create something with the focus on the forest, its seasons and the interesting contrasts between light and shadow – the positive and the negative space. The books “Julius Winsome” by Gerard Donovan (I really recommend it) and “Call of the wild” by Jack London led me to the idea of bringing a wolf / dog into my drawn “story”.

Prades draws alot from literature and nature – I love that he’s influenced by an Irish author  – and I strongly suggest you check out his ‘Our Books’ series which I posted up last year. It’s wonderful.