Senka Mušić’s Photography Is A Refreshing Look At Life In Sarajevo

| Photography | February 20, 2013

Senka Mušić Photographs Sarajevo

Senka Mušić sent me in her photographs earlier in the week and as a young graphic design student in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I thought it a good time to post up her work. She has a good eye for detail, light and geometry and while much of her work is portraits of her friends and nature I find her snapshots alot more interesting. There’s more play, chance, experimentation and character in them, more of a sense of who she is – a sense of time and place.

She’s already won awards for her work – she won the title of the best photo of Sarajevo from over 4,000 entries in 2012 – and I look forward to following her future career as a designer and photographer.


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