Sauerkids Illustrations Are A Graphic, Pop Art Vision Of Modern Life

Sauerkids Illustrations Graphic Pop Pictures

I love Sauerkids work. It’s fun, comical, colourful, graphic and has all the pop elements that make you smile. And what you ask is Sauerkids? Well its a side project started up by two Dutch graphic designers called Mark Moget and Taco Sipma – who decided that they wanted to do more than slog all day long for a graphic design firm – whose passion for character art led them to set up the project. For the two of them their style, their passion, character art itself, can be described as:

art with influences, aesthetics and narratives of popular culture and its characters: comics, packaging, advertising, magazines, etc. But that definition might be too broad. In that case Lichtenstein, Warhol, and Koons made character art too.

We use characters as a vehicle to tell a (personal) story. About our fears, our memories, or the confusion of everyday life. I know a lot of our work is character driven, but it’s not a necessity to use characters. In other cases the focus is more with typography, photography, or even abstraction. We got started as character designers, but we are always trying to broaden our horizon. Our main influences in character design are definitely Walt Disney and Tex Avery. But we also get inspired by outsider artists like Willem van Genk, who spent his whole life building his own personal universe.

So there you have it, a combination of innocent childhood imagery and the mental confusion of everyday life.
Since they kicked off their project a number of years ago the work has been shown in several international exhibitions and art projects as well as magazines, books, toys, stickers and even bumper cars.

I love it purely for its unadulterated joy, graphic quality and cartoon aesthetic. Fair play.