Sarah Jarrett’s Photographs Of The Norfolk Landscape Are Poetic

Sarah Jarrett Photographs Of The Norfolk Landscape

I was recently on a break in the North West of Ireland and am already missing it, am reminiscing, thinking of the bleak, cold, intensely beautiful landscape; the beaches, mountains, hedgerows, fields and stone walls that has formed so much of Irish mythology, of our very being. And these photographs by Sarah Jarrett, despite being of her native Norfolk in England, bring me straight back to the rugged beauty of Sligo.

The photographs are a meeting point between painting and photography; colourful, textural and dreamlike, a poetic vision of her place, of what moves her. Jarrett is an Iphoneographer using an Iphone and Ipad to take her images which she then manipulates using a variety of apps such as Superimpose, Artrage, Procreate, Laminar, Modern Grunge and Dynamic Light to give her work a painterly aesthetic.

Jarrett switched to mobile photography when she began long distance running, the SLR redundant as she ran through the marsh, fen and woodland of Norfolk on the East coast of England. Since then it has become the basis of all her work. Here’s what she says about her work:

In 1998 I began to freelance full time and began to experiment with painting onto my own large colour photographic prints with oils and sewing onto the surface with a sewing machine in an attempt to develop a unique way of working with photography. It drew immediate attention from magazines and publishers and secured my first print and publishing deals. I now work with digital media using iphone and ipad. The main focus in my images today is still in making photographic images look like paintings and in capturing dreamlike, ethereal beauty. To have a unique voice in my work is still very important to me.