Sam Vanallemeersch’s Illustrations And Anarchic Drawings

| Art and design | January 3, 2013

Sam Vanallemeersch Illustrations Are Anarchic

Sam Vanallemeersch‘s illustrations and anarchic scribblings, are about the most energetic, impressionistic drawings I’ve seen in a long time. What makes his work particularly interesting is that the more you study his work the more you’ll realise that each part is is deliberate, focussed, organised.

Over the years Vanallemeersch has gone from being an underground phenomenon to a successful commercial illustrator winning many awards along the way for his unique style which he’s developed under two different monikers, Kolchoz and Sovchoz. As Kolchoz he draws beautifully restrained ligne-clair illustrations – a term used to describe the use of clear strong lines of uniform importance often featuring strong colours and a combination of cartoonish characters against a realistic background – while Sovchoz is loud, busy and manic.

Both alter-egos create extraordinary work and I look forward to seeing more of this Belgium artists work in 2013.



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