Ryan Bubnis Illustrations Have An Urban Folk Style That Draws On The Connectedness Of All Things

| Art and design | December 31, 2012

Ryan Bubnis Illustrations Urban Folk Style

Ryan Bubnis illustrations have been described as ‘Urban Folk’, a style that attempts to draw on the connectedness of all things, the collective, the universal and the inherent power of objects.

His influences are derived from indigenous art, tribal markings and rituals full of geometric patterns, natural colours and bold lines. Working both traditionally and digitally he incorporates a variety of materials including found objects, paper, wood, canvas, aerosol, acrylics, vinyl, papier-mâché, graphite and India ink into his work. The result looks as if it could have been transcribed off an African mask or a Central American temple.

He has said about his new series:

I started my ‘Collection (The Power of Objects)’ series a few months ago. Being a life-long collector, I started to think about how we assign power to objects, is it nostalgia and the memories associated with these objects that make them important? Is it the monetary value of these objects and who decides how much these things are worth?


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