Richard Wilkinson’s Illustrations Are Wonderfully Deft

Richard Wilkinson Illustrations Called Drone Pilot

Richard Wilkinson puts most illustrators to shame, his deft soft line and ability to tell a story through simple composition is quite extraordinary. His aesthetic is almost mathematical, his characters often reductive, rendered with a single movement; there is no line or colour that is not needed, has no purpose. It is utilitarian yet has much to say.

What I found most interesting about him was his career in a previous incarnation; first as an electronic musician, then a sound designer which led onto TV commercial production and motion graphics. All technological related, with a specific rhythm, much like his illustrations.

If you’re into illustration and like his style then I suggest you check out his other work. There’s alot of it. Done for such publications as TIME Magazine, New Scientist, The Telegraph, Saatchi & Saatchi, Random House and Harper Collins. Not surprising really.