Richard Aldrich’s Paintings Are Conceptual While Straddling Figurative And Abstract Art

Richard Aldrich Paintings Figurative Abstract

Richard Aldrich has an inquisitive approach to painting as his work is both about the way his work occupies a space and the space from which they come. The work is not about the concept behind the making of work but rather about creating work with the materials used in the process of making. Getting tongue tied? Well basically his compositions veer along the line of conceptual art while straddling figurative and abstract painting using materials such as oil, linen and wax as well as snippets of text, words, postcards, records and all manner of junk he happens to have lying around.

It is a collage of life, paintings that both interrogate and celebrate the intellectual and sensual conundrums of the medium as well as expressing the minutiae, the hum drum, the beauty of everyday life in a visually arresting way. His work expressing the possibilities for painting that lie all around us. All we have to do is decide on best how to frame it.