Remed’s Paintings Are Tribal, Primitive And Bold

Remed Paintings Primitive

I love Remed’s paintings; his work on canvas, paper and on the street. There is something very tribal and primitive about his compositions; their intertwined icons, symbols and basic geometric forms, a cubist aesthetic that has been distilled down to a graffiti shorthand, a more design orientated style that glories in its bold primary colours, hard black and whites and soft shadows.

These are paintings that need to be seen large, in full, at the height of a building, experienced as a colour shock, a mind blowing explosion of line, colour and form. Here’s what Remed has to say about his work:

Today, thanks to the experience of the street that led me to synthesize my creations, and upon having sensed that the viewer doesn’t take as much time to stare at the art piece as I dared to imagine, I consistently simplified the result of my work. This is so the viewer can actually feel something, can be talked to without the necessity of my physical presence.

I create rhymes of colours, shapes and sounds to as to express an emotion, a feeling, or the evolution of thought. I paint as you write a diary, a notebook of inventions, or philosophical novel. Every time, I make my self inventory.
Art is for me the sincere blend of science and Soul.
I live what I feel, I paint what I live.