Points In Space Is A Time Lapse Film By Melbourne Artist Benjamin Ducroz

Benjamin Ducroz Film Called Points In Space

‘Points In Space’ by Benjamin Ducroz is a time lapse film and concerned with the organized systems that lie beneath the chaos of city life. To make the film Ducroz took 1,050 black and white abstract images and placed them on frames at busy intersections in Melbourne’s central business district. The frames were then changed, added to, photographed and then edited together with the footage of people milling around to give a portrait of the city in flux.

This contrast between the sped up footage of the city and its inhabitants and the black and white abstract images creates layers of movement and it’s these layers that interest Ducroz the most  – and its easy to see why when you watch the film. As he says himself:

I’m really interested in the layers of traffic within an intersection, where there’s pedestrians, trams, buses, horses, and then another layer of pedestrians and just investigating the movements within these layers—plus the animation frames themselves are layers, so it’s a multilayered visual extravaganza.

If you want to see how he made the film check out his ‘Making Of Points In Space’.