Philippe Jusforgues Collages Are Strange Dystopian Pictures

Philippe Jusforgues Collages Are Dystopian

Philippe Jusforgues’ collages are dystopian pictures are full of dark humour and strange juxtapositions that take us on a surreal journey through a warped reality.

These collages have non of the digital perfection often seen in collage art, it’s rough and ready with a punk aesthetic that eschews clean cuts and geometric boundaries. Instead it bounds in anarchic freedom, each fragment willing itself into a composition that is fresh and lively, has a joy and a personality that creates a wonderful narrative that only Jusforgue seems to understand. We are simply left with signs, possibilities and maybes, an unknowing laugh in a bizarre story of his own making.

The more collages I see, the more I find myself looking for the imperfect, the anarchy of the form, the artists footprints left behind for us to follow wherever they may go. Here’s what Jusforgue said about his work a few years ago:

One moving day I found a suitcase full of family pictures. Most of them were copies and I could use them without destroying the familial inheritance…

Before that, I use to draw or paint, and the family albums was part of my inspiration, but this time I could use these images directly. I started to change faces and all the images were overwhelming… My characters became real and the range of emotions became larger. Collage wasn’t part of my culture and that’s why I liked it. I felt more free.

I became addict with the rapidity of execution and possibility of surprise. The realism of the photography and the lightness of the drawing mixed together… I consider my images like drawings with flesh and blood. A poetic surgery…