Peter Shear Abstract Paintings Ask Questions Through Simple Geometric Shapes

Peter Shear Paintings Abstract Geometric Shapes

Peter Shear‘s paintings are small, vibrant, rich compositions that ask questions through simple geometric patterns and wonderful textures. What’s most interesting about his work is that he seems to be instinctive, there are no overarching themes, it’s very much about the visual image, the paint, the act, the process, all of it an expression of his immediate being, of what he’s thinking about, problems he wishes to solve.

Above all it’s fast. It’s up to the painting to decide when its finished, it’s up to the painting to decide which way next. In some ways you could say that Shear’s paintings are a series of signs through the forest of his very being.

Each of his paintings is strong, dynamic, organic, painted with broad strokes and strong colours, all self contained, the meaning arbitrary, the focus paint. The ongoing question, the act of painting. Here’s what he has to say about his work:

Sometimes images are allowed to evolve organically but more often I’ll paint everything out that isn’t working. The discarded image is still there; the memory is still there influencing the painting but it informs indirectly… It’s become increasingly important to leave behind an image to which no concrete meaning can be attached, only possibility.