Paul Insect’s Out Of Chaos Show Opens At The Opera Gallery On 27th November 2012

Paul Insect Paintings From Out Of Chaos

Paul Insect is mostly known for his street art and has been at the forefront of the urban art movement for over a decade famously joining the likes of Banksy and other POW artists in painting the controversial separation wall in Palestine. In 2007 – before his show opened at the Lazarides Gallery – Damien Hirst bought his entire collection for over £500,000. Pretty good when you can get it. Five years later and he has his first major show, ‘Out Of Chaos’ in New York at the Opera Gallery.

As you can see from his paintings his use of colour is brash, loud, violent with a cartoonish grotesqueness. He works in a primitive style with a modern pop aesthetic that belies the serious content of his work; clowns on the rampage, kids in cowboy outfits contemplating the worth of their peers, babies contented to consider the consequences of the quantum age and portraits of trapped people, masked, ensnared, victims without hope.

If you’re in New York after Thursday 29th November you should check out his work at The Opera Gallery, 115, Spring Street, New York.