Paul Chiappe’s Tiny Drawings Of Vintage Photos Are Weird And Surreal

Paul Chiappe Drawing Of A Family Is Tiny And Weird

What you’re looking at isn’t what you think. That’s right. These are not pictures from a strange photo collection of weird kids. No. They’re actually tiny pencil drawings by Paul Chiappe who specialises in creating five square centimetre drawings that don’t look out of place in a museum of horrors.

His technique is such that you’d swear you were looking at vintage black and white family photos and school portraits except for the fact that the images aren’t quite what they seem, look closely and you’ll see Laurel and Hardy in a school portrait, Adolf Hitler making an appearance at some school play and other kids dressed up in strange animal masks. They all generally look unhappy or plain odd. The work is delightful and highly skilled – an intense effort that Chiappe himself has said that:

[I] try not to breathe too much when I’m producing the piece so my hand’s not shaking all over the place.

Pretty amazing aren’t they.