Ning Kai And Sabrina Scarpa’s Photographs From ‘The Land Between Us’ Seek To Bind Us Together

Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa‘s photographs from ‘The Land Between Us’ reflect on what brings us together, our shared humanity, moments of clarity that bind us together in a universe that is infinitely expanding towards oblivion.

In a petty world of global capitalism, inequality, violence, poverty and religious conflict these pictures remind us that there is much beauty out there, that beyond the bricks and mortar of our mundane lives the natural world remains a place in which the essence of our humanity resides. And it’s in the natural world that the manmade boundaries that divide us can be broken, cast aside like shackles, and we can become free to contemplate the great privilege that is life itself.

In many ways this is a simple construct after all its a truth that reflects an ideal we all aspire too, think about on those rare occasions we have time and space to do so. However, to capture in a single image requires a poetic sensibility and an ability to understand the fundamentals of photography and in ‘The Land Between Us’ both Ning Kai and Sabrina Scarpa succeed. Here’s what they have to say about the project:

We delve into the unknown corners of the natural world, finding moments of revelation, equality and intimacy within thinly populated areas and untouched wilderness. We wish to surround ourselves by places and people that bring out the core of humanity, brings us back to our natural roots, to aim for a state of being in which the boundary between our cultures and backgrounds seems to blur.

In order to remove borders, we seek out diverse places, from east to west. The works we ‘dropped’ along our journey mark our footsteps towards the poetic and harmonious world we wish to create together.
And reflect our faith and our longing for a timeless paradise on earth.

We want to emphasise that the essence of life lies within nature, for which we are all equal. With this message we hope to contribute to establishing human connections, regardless of the backgrounds.