Nichole Van Beek’s Paintings Play With Opposites

Nichole Van Beek's Paintings Called Aether Exchange

Nichole van Beek’s paintings explore the relationship between colours, texture, pattern and composition, each picture a juxtaposition of opposites, a dichotomy, a tension between painterly processes, one geometric and flat, the other textural and emotional.

In her ongoing series ‘Parasympatico’, Van Beek’s digital shapes are repeated over and over again on numerous canvases on a variety of textured planes that continually challenge our perceived notions of balance, continuity and variation. Her work a challenge to us and how we come to terms with opposing forces. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

a lot of the work is that balance between…’it happened’ and then also having this planned structure. And it comes into play in a lot of different ways. So, being controlled and also being free and having those two things come together…