Neil Farber Paintings Are A Folk Art Expression Of Childhood Fantasies

Neil Farber Paintings Folk Art Fantasies

Neil Farber’s paintings could be described as a folk art expression of childhood nightmares and fantasies. With a simple illustrative drawing style Farber populates his world with strange children, misfits, miscreants, animals and ghost like creatures that are both innocent, funny and frightening. His work is deceptively simple for within his outsider aesthetic there is a sophisticated play going on out of which a dark humour is born that reminds all of us of life’s absurdities.

Shane McAdams had this to say about his work:

Neil Farber tiptoes the line between mirth and menace, play and paranoia, children’s book illustration and “Children of the Corn.” Any viewers who follow him will inevitably lose their balance, weighed down by their own preconceptions, and find themselves shoved by one of Farber’s magical wretches into the corn.