Nathaniel Russell’s Paintings Are Cosmic Poems

Nathaniel Russell Paintings Cosmic

Nathaniel Russell‘s paintings and drawings as well as his sculptures, murals, fake books, prints and whatever else you care to mention have a lightness to them, a sense of cosmic poetry. His work is fun, sincere, makes you feel connected, wants you to seize the day, feel better about yourself and those around you.

I always think its a particularly American attribute, this ability to create a sense of connection, that we Europeans can’t manage. Perhaps it’s our innate cynicism that prevents us from embracing this view of the World. How tragic. We have much to learn on this side of the pond.

In Russell we get a stream of conciousness, an illustrative guide to a more centred view of the world, a more harmonious relationship with our environment. His work, often accompanied by words and phrases, explores thought and the universe, space and people’s place in it, his strange characters and mantras continually referencing our collective subconscious.