Morgan Blair’s Paintings Are Psychedelic Zen Pictures For The Dance Generation

Morgan Blair Paintings Called Dead End

Morgan Blair’s paintings are vibrant acrylic and spray paint pictures of perfectly composed structures built out of manic cascades of technicolour shapes in psychedelic patterns and abstracted figures.

There is a sense that these paintings are a Zen like meditation for the dance era, a hyper pastel colour field that takes us away from our sense of being into a trancelike state of nothingness. You might say that Blair’s paintings are an abstract tapestry that winds its way through the clubs, music and urban art scene of the 1990’s, a kind of backdrop for a teenage generation that grew up with Nintendo’s, big hair, skateboards and spray cans.

As someone who threw themselves into the madness of the 1990s these paintings bring it all back, Blairs intricate architecture emanating signals that melt away time until I find myself dancing to the Tofu Love Frogs playing a live set in a field at a new age traveller camp way back in 1992.

Moloko said it all when they danced away the decade with; Bring it back/sing it back/bring it back/sing it back to me…