Moisés Mahiques Drawings Question The Value System Of The Individual

Moises Mahiques Drawings Called Crowd

Moisés Mahiques large drawings are both technically accomplished as well as being conceptually complex using drawing to question the value system of the individual, of contemporary life, action and consequence and above all the expressive possibilities of the line and figure.

At first glance these drawings are chaotic, a dense network of animated lines that attempt to capture an essence, the figure becoming an anthropomorphic expression of our alienation from the environment, from the complicated systems we have created through technology, networks that we no longer understand yet allow to regulate and structure every action of our daily life.

On an aesthetic level Mahiques drawings are beautiful to look at, to peer into, the action dynamic, the line so clean, precise, so definite. There is no ambiguity, every line is certain of its place, has a function, they are a gesture of self-exploration, an investigation of chaos.