Mirrored Sculpture Installation By Rob Mulholland Is Freaky

Rob Mulholland Mirrored Sculpture Installation

These strange mirrored sculpture installations by Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland are a bit freaky. I certainly wouldn’t like to come across them in a woods. Or maybe I would – they’re pretty cool. They manage to blend into their surroundings but I’m guessing they’d jump straight out at you if you looked at them from a different angle. I especially like the fox piece.

This is what Mulholland has to say about the work:

The essence of who we are as individuals in relationship to others and our given environment forms a strong aspect of my artistic practise. In Vestige I wanted to explore this relationship further by creating a group, a community within the protective elements of the woods, reflecting the past inhabitants of the space. […] The six male and female figures represent a vestige, a faint trace of the past people and communities that once occupied and lived in this space. The figures absorb their environment, reflecting in their surface the daily changes of life in the forest. They create a visual notion of non – space. A void as if they are at one moment part of our world and then as they fade into the forest they become an intangible outline.