Mirella Nania’s Illustrations And Digital Collages Have A Real Artistic Aesthetic

I’m delighted that Mirella Nania sent her illustrations and collages into mutantspace. Her work is a breath of fresh air, is clean and precise and her work in partnership with Giacomo Triglia is diverse ranging from digital collages to posters, illustrations to video and photography to graphic design. I particularly love the neo-primitive collages that bring together a graphic sensibility and an artistic aesthetic.

What’s more there’s a real sense of humour in Nania’s work, a trait that she’s carries over into her description of herself:

Hello everyone, I’m an Italian illustrator/graphic designer/photographer and I currently live and work in Cosenza, Italy. If I Were not doing what I do, I’d have become a lunar property saleswoman, pixel painter, a warning light repairwoman, in order to fix small, broken or mishandled warning lights, a duck breeder, a spy, a raindrop counter, in order to count the raindrops falling from the Eastern skies of Kurca, a special effects creator, a women’s hair stylist, a food stylist, in order to arrange cherries on top of cakes, a hay-ball roller, a slippery surface tester, the person in charge of turning on the sun, a tank belt greaser, a follower of Hermeneutics. In the meantime, I create images and freelance work for Tycho Creative Studio.

And her talent and humour have landed her big clients such as; American Airlines, Pippola Music, Picicca Records, Giulio Perrone Publishers, Partyzan, Univesità of Calabria and lots of Italian bands and musicians bands like Dimartino, Brunori sas, Marie Antoinette, Kyle, Nicholas Carnesi & Oratio, Jang Senate and Hector Giuradei