Michela Sorrentino’s Paintings Spring Out Of Nature

Michela Sorrentino Paintings Nature

Michela Sorrentino‘s abstract paintings spring out of her love for pattern, a repetitive mark making that informs her visual vocabulary as does living on an island off the coast of Canada. This rural life on the edge of the Atlantic plays a huge role in her artistic life and is a catalyst for many of her paintings:

I have small boxes full of seed pods, feathers, bleached bones. Collected over the years these artifacts become a catalyst for different projects and ideas

If you give Sorrentino’s work the time it deserves you’ll begin to realise there’s a narrative at play, a subtle chatter of repetitive patterns, the odd word, graphic icons and even faces on occasion. This is work that is indebted to its environment and could be considered an ordered vision of a natural state. Here’s a statement from her site:

Michela Sorrentino works with many materials but primarily on wood panels, layering cold wax medium and oil paint with non-conventional tools such as bowl scrapers and bamboo sticks. From layered compositions, she lets the painting reveal itself as she works, arranging pattern, marks, type and colour.

Pooling from historic, biological and cultural references Sorrentino’s work often reflects repetitive architectural surface patterns, textile motifs and archaeological findings. Many paintings are built through a process of subtle narrative using stream of consciousness writings and snippets of inner conversations blending recurring patterns with storytelling.