Irish Artist Michael Canning Has A New Exhibition In West Cork In August

Michael Canning Painting Called Incursion

Irish artist Michael Canning was in art college with me, many years ago, and while I went off on a tangent he stayed close to the line and made a successful career for himself as a painter. Next month he has a show in West Cork at the Catherine Hammond Gallery. There he’ll be exhibiting new paintings, works on paper and sculpture which have been described as ‘eerie and surreally beautiful modern studies of flowers and plants whose precision paradoxically leaves everything uncertain.’

Alex Calinescu said this about Cannings work:

The work of Michael Canning resonates in the memory long after the viewer’s visual experience ends, much as a sound, a sense, can continue beyond the conclusion of a piece of music. The paintings and drawings have a weight to them, a power, which belies their quiet, understated, simplicity. His sculptural objects vibrate with an emotional intensity and immediacy that engage and inspire curiosity. There is a sense of control, and of absolute command, in his use of materials, and in his ability to convey his connection with, and experience of, the land of his birth.

So if you’re in the area – which is a beautiful part of the country – between 10th August and 5th September then check his work out.