Mia Christopher’s Paintings Are Minimal, Simple And Full Of Joy

Mia Christopher Paintings Minimal

Mia Christopher illustrative paintings swimming

>Mia Christopher‘s illustrative paintings are simplicity itself. Nothing is excessive. Only the strictest forms and colours survive. The result of this minimal approach are delightful compositions that play in the light with humour and unadulterated joy.

Mainly using ink and coloured pencil on paper she forgoes backgrounds preferring to play with different papers and materials such as nail polish. glitter, latex, acrylic, oil, gouache and watercolour paint. This joy, that’s inherent in her work, is a delight to see and even better is the fact that you can see into her process by going to her site and checking out her sketchbooks. It gives you the opportunity to see how she works, plays, experiments, fails. Go have a look. Enjoy.