Maya Bloch’s Paintings Of Figures Are Emotional Pictures That Merge From Globular Pools Of Paint

Maya Bloch Paintings Figures Emotional

Maya Bloch’s paintings merge with globular paint; stains, forms and patterns live in saturated hues on her canvases. They are expressionistic in the tradition of Munch, her figures a representation of emotion, a metaphor; anguish, pain, there is a desperate need in their faces, their masks. Bloch is certainly a painter’s painter, her understanding of form, composition and colour is very certain, she knows where she’s going, what she’s doing.

Bloch doesn’t use models, rather she paints from found images, pictures that mean nothing to her, have no emotional connection, and perhaps this is why she is able to portray them with such depth of feeling, perhaps the disconnection allows her to transfer a collective pain and brutal honesty to the figures.