Maxwell Doig’s Paintings Of The Figure Are Beautiful And Distinctive

Maxwell Doig Paintings Figure

Maxwell Doig‘s figurative paintings may seem, on initial inspection, to be rather straight forward representational compositions but look a little closer and you’ll soon realise that they’re alot more complex than that. Doig deals with the figure on a number of different levels; there is the beauty of the subject itself, the spatial relationship of the figure – which he illuminates through a distinctive use of light and tone – as well as his unconventional use of viewpoints and the clear differences between his soft, smooth figures and heavily textured backgrounds.

These compositions are the work of a man who has an armoury of painterly techniques that allow him to create contemplative ephemeral pictures that are timeless, his subjects living in a dream world of soft light and endless summers. Here’s what he had to say about what makes him tick:

In an age when everything is moving so fast, I’m interested in portraying stillness and quiet.

That says it all really. Stillness and quiet. Something we all desperately need.