Mattias Adolfsson Illustrations Are Fabulously Rendered Steampunk Drawings

Mattias Adolfsson Illustrations Are Steampunk Drawings

Mattias Adolfsson‘s illustrations are incredibly intricate ink drawings full of strange mechanical steampunk beasts, robots, spaceships and town maps full of busy people getting on with life.

Adolfsson’s world is absurd, wacky, whimsical and follows in the great tradition of the classic illustrators who I grew up with many years ago. They’re fabulously rendered, all by hand, without the crutch of modern digital technology. That’s what’s makes Adolfsson’s work special, his style, the line, everything that cannot be achieved through a computer. It’s almost a relief to come across illustrators who continue to use non – digital mediums to create work. It’s most definitely a pleasure.