Mark Warren Jacques Paintings Are Cosmic And Psychedelic

Mark Warren Jacques Paintings Are Psychedelic

Mark Warren Jacques paintings have an old school psychedelia about them, you feel like he’s riffing on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon or conjuring up images from a soup of magic mushrooms, Eastern philosophy, North American folk traditions, ancient mysticism and a good dollop of west coast hippie Americana.

I don’t mean any of that in a bad, ironic, cynical way. I love his paintings. They’re unadulterated, proud to stand up for life, the universe and everything. They’re cosmic in the best sense of the word. His symbols and motifs are reminiscent of ancient mandalas, the pyramids, the Aztecs, Incas, pagan rituals, Dogon tribal markings and all rendered in a very contemporary design aesthetic.

Here’s an excerpt from his website:

With an eye to the interstellar and the unimagined, the artist is a dogged painter of the everyday. Triangles, and mind melting rays of color anthropomorphize the thoughts, people places and struggles of daily life. It is from the fabric of personal experience that the artist weaves his singsong narratives. The painter is a collector, his body of work a permanent museum housing the psychic ephemera from a life well lived. Form, thought and feeling fuze into one indiscernible ball of color and light. To observe is to create and to create is to live.

Communicating, creating and sharing are the building blocks of his art practice and of his daily life. A celebration of the mundane and the magical, for Mark to see is to conceive.

Enjoy them for what they are. We should have more Jacques paintings on our walls in Northern Europe. If only to lighten up our day and teleport us into another dimension.