Marcel Cowling’s Mixed Media Drawings Of Takeaways Are Playful Pictures

Marcel Cowling Drawings Takeaways

Marcel Cowling’s drawings and paintings use a wide variety of mixed media techniques including collage, printmaking and photography, his subject matter – such as these mixed media drawings of takeaways – merely a means to an end, a space for him to play with surfaces, textures and form. While his work can be seen as observational, his technique is experimental, a juxtaposition of materials which create a body of work that is fresh, light and visually arresting.

Having trained as an illustrator Cowling is well versed in the mechanics of form, structure and creating a narrative in a single frame however it’s his artistic drive, his need to keep pushing, to keep playing, that lifts his work to another level. Still young, he is only in his mid – twenties, there is much more to come and I’d be interested to see where his journey leads to, see where his work ends up.