Making A Clockwork Orange: A Documentary Film That Goes Behind The Scenes Of The Classic Film

| Film and animation | July 6, 2012

Clockwork Orange Documentary

‘Making A Clockwork Orange’ is a documentary that goes behind the scenes of Stanley Kubrick’s classic film ‘A Clockwork Orange’ which is now over 40 years old. It tells the story of what the director and his many collaborators had to do to make a classic film concerning ‘the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven’. The answer lay in their attention to detail.

Former members of Kubricks crew describe the director as a ‘sponge’, how he worked straight from the novel and not a script and how each page of the novel was given a visual treatment from both Kubrick and his designers with each element looked at closely from the make up to the architecture in each shot.

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