Maja Ruznic’s Paintings Are About Memory And The Act Of Remembering

Maja Ruznic Paintings About Memory Remembering

Maja Ruznic‘s paintings are about memory. In particular the act of remembering as a creative process. She paints from experience, filling in the gaps, recreating a narrative that is on the edge of her conscious thought. Her compositions are quickly rendered as if she doesn’t want to forget anything, any small aspect of the person she is thinking about, whether it be a gesture, a body part, a rhythm. Here’s what she has to say about her work:

The following paintings are records of people and events that have left an impact on me. As an observer, actor and a witness, I use painting as a medium to explore relationships and notions of intimacy and connectedness. Sometimes I am drawn to someone’s hands, to one’s rhythm of speech, to one’s constant checking of their cell phone. This interest usually serves as an incentive to begin a painting.

Relying on the memory of an experience, I paint what I remember but also what I do not know and what I am curious about. In the act of painting, the capricious nature of memory distorts the truth and the painting becomes something else—something in between the actual experience and my recollection of it. Nonetheless, the contemplation of the person or the event through the act of painting is what is most important. In a world where nothing seems to last very long and more and more of our experiences are virtual and immediate, I am interested in the pyscho-physical relationship between those I meet and myself. Painting serves as a platform to reflect and observe the nature of memory and its impact on the present.