Plastic Bags Guard The Museum In The New Installation From Luzinterruptus

Luzinterruptus Plastic Garbage Installation

‘Plastic Garbage Guarding the Museum’ is the latest work by Luzinterruptus, a Spanish art collective whose artwork I really like and have posted about before. The installation was made with 5,000 plastic bags filled with air, piled up in skips, lit within and was created for the Gewerbemuseum in Winterthur, Switzerland. The group exhibition, ‘Oh, Plastiksack’, was intended to highlight the fact that:

Plastic bags are found everywhere in the world; their useful life is fleeting yet they are almost indestructible. These feather-light, gently rustling objects have a versatile beauty. In addition to their use for packaging and carrying things, they have been adapted for a wide variety of other purposes. They reflect consumer behavior, advertise status, reinforce identity, damage the environment and narrate our cultural history. At the same time, they are a symbol of our global society.

The Luzinterruptus installation is in situ for four months during which the colours of the bags will fade and degrade over that period. As you can see from the images the first few days of the installation looked pretty spectacular however the collective hope this won’t last long. As they say about the work:

This, far from worrying us, helps us to make sense of an installation which you can experience, in a visual manner, the reality of plastic bags, objects generally created with the purpose of inviting consumption and building an image that speaks positively about the brand, but that once used, if not carefully recycled, they become very damaging and impossible to remove from the environment.

If you’re in Switzerland and in the area of Winterthur the exhibition will be on until 7th October 2012