Laurence Demaison’s Drawings Are As Disturbing As Her Photographs

Laurence Demaison Drawings Disturbing

Laurence Demaison drawings photographs

I’ve posted up Laurence Demaison‘s disturbing photographs before but this time I thought I’d introduce you to her drawings. They have their own darkness, their own feeling of despair, loneliness, even existential crisis. In many ways her photographic work comes from her drawings. They seem to start with a sketch, a portrait, a distortion of the figure, an emotional response, a visualisation of the inner mind. Thoughts that hold inner secrets, coded messages, our inner demons.

Critic A.D. Coleman’s description of her photographic work can be equally applied to her drawings:

Freed from the burden of words and the presence of others, she embraced the solitude, silence and freedom, while struggling to confront the image of her own body. Rather than portraying her body as it was, she sought to conceal, modify, even destroy it and reconstruct it in a form more acceptable to her. The result is a series of self-portraits which expertly use the reflective and distortive qualities of her materials along with the shadowy effects of light and negative images to create “paper phantoms”, ghosts of herself that are there, yet disappear in an instant.