Katherine Bradford’s Luminous Paintings Lie Between Reality And Abstraction

Katherine Bradford Paintings Called Sargasso

Katherine Bradford’s paintings lie between reality and abstraction, they are stories that are at once poetic, poignant and luminous.

Bradford is not fixed to an idea, her work a continuous search for a visual vocabulary that seeks to speak to us through wonderful colour and texture, her under painting often revealing the ongoing process of the narrative, forms scratched away and hidden adding depth, spontaneity and a tactile quality that draws the viewer in. There is much humour and energy in Bradford’s paintings, a charm and a naivity that is inviting, all encompassing and tells us much about the confidence with which she paints.

This confidence comes from a lifetime of painting, over 40 years of working, continually exploring with a joy that is contagious, her sense of colour and willingness to try new ideas always present. In a recent interview in the Huffington Post she talked about colour. Her thoughts on it are worth thinking about, bearing in mind the next time you pick up a brush:

I think artists have to use colour and think in terms of putting colour next to colour rather than of describing something. If you squeeze out tubes of the most vibrant 6 basic colours plus black and white and then as the studio gets heated up and brushes get loaded with paint and you’re working so fast that bits of one colour get into another colour, well hopefully fabulous things happen.