Joseph Loughborough’s Charcoal Drawings From ‘Defence Of the Absent’ @ The Galerie Grand Rue 13th June – 13th July, 2013

Joseph Loughborough Drawings From Defence Of the Absent

Joseph Loughborough‘s wonderful charcoal drawings have appeared in this blog before but this time round I’m posting up work from his latest series’ Defence Of the Absent’ which will be on show at the Galerie Grand Rue in Poitiers, France from the 13th June. These expressive, violent, scratchings, these charcoal attacks are not quiet, rather Loughborough seems to channel the urban disquiet, the mechanical life we lead into his portraits of people, half hidden in the shadows of a unsafe world, a place full of disquiet and fear.

What I’ve always loved about Loughborough’s drawings is that they instinctively make me write, as if in a rhythm, his drawings so visceral that words flood, emotions collide, energy fills up and lets go. The statement on the show has this to say about his work:

Emerging from the Berlin winter, Loughborough presents a new body of work in his debut French solo exhibition presented by Galerie Grand’Rue. The multilayered charcoal drawings leap from expressive depictions of fleshy portraiture to embracing and confronting couples who seem mechanically entwined. These haunting symbolic monoliths of the human condition often drift into abstraction and contrast to the electric pastel marks found in many similar works.

‘Defense of the Absent’ is on at the Galerie Grand Rue, 68 Grand Rue, 86000 Poitiers, France from 13th June – 13th July, 2013.