Jonathan Delafield Cook’s Hyper Realistic Charcoal Drawings Have A Zen Like Quality

Jonathan Delafield Cook Drawings Hyper Realistic

Charcoal Drawings Brown Bulls

Jonathan Delafield Cook‘s hyper realistic charcoal drawings are unlike many you see across the internet. For a start they’re not portraits, their inspiration is drawn from nature, and secondly he is a subtle draughtsman whose precision and detail describes the extreme fragility of nature which he captures in an indefinite time, a space.

Originally an architectural draughtsman – for the likes of Ricken Yamamoto and Norman Foster – Cook has won many awards for his work which attests to people’s continued interest in craftsmanship, for drawing, for the artist’s depiction of the natural world. Cook goes further than most in his drawings, the scale of his drawings are very large, the detail is incredible and his Zen like approach gives his images a more profound sense of being.