Jon Han’s Illustrations Are Of Geometric And Sparse Landscapes Full Of Melancholia

Jon Han Illustrations Sparse Landscapes

Jon Han‘s illustrations are very much one of a kind. His ability to mix distinctly different styles; a painterly aesthetic with clean flat digital forms leaves you thinking, trying to figure out the visual puzzle and the relationship between the two, an aspect that is often missing in editorial illustration. Another element of his work which I find most interesting is the sense of loneliness in his images.

I feel melancholic when I look at his illustrations, the figures are isolated even when together, they live in a geometric world that is sparse and lacking in human emotion, in life. It’s as if Han has made the conscious decision to work with the mathematics of space and form rather than the emotional content of the picture. The result is a reflection of the modern condition, of living in an urban environment, a life that is hard, harsh, unforgiving. For that alone I love them. Too often illustrations are bright and poppy and all too clever. I for one prefer introspection.