Joelson Bugila’s Collages Are A Joyous Revelation

| Art and design | June 19, 2013

Joelson Bugila Collages Called Blue

Joelson Bugila’s collages are a continuation of his street art and paintings, an extension of his graffiti art, they are a defiant riposte to the collage artform which is most often seen in black and white, built on the foundations of vintage photographs and science fiction. Bugila’s pictures are a joyous revelation; playful, bright, poppy, the elements organic and free flowing as if microbes propagating in an acid fuelled environment.

These are collages that reflect the Brazilian colour field of Bugila’s life and his exertions in the city; where he goes and what he does, an articulation of happiness and play, of childlike wonder. They are pictures that seduce the eye and spark the imagination of a summers day.

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