Jeremy Kost’s Polaroid Collages Of Drag Queens Are Fabulous Fun

Jeremy Kost Polaroid Collages Of Drag Queens

Jeremy Kost’s polaroid collages owe much to Warhol – images of the glamorous and gritty; drag queens, go-go boys, transsexuals and wild-partying celebrities. A document of a sexual fantasy, a deviant fairytale that lives on the margins of all our imaginations and desires. However, unlike Warhol his fragmentation of the image gives greater substance to his subjects, there’s more play, richness, energy and narrative. There’s something going on in these montages that draw you in and force you to look.

Here’s what’s stated on his website:

It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Kost could be a natural heir to Warhol, snapping Polaroids of a thriving subculture of freaks, rebels, trannies, and costumed divas. The artist’s social circle—icons like Amanda Lepore and Ladyfag—are his natural subjects. For Jeremy Kost, everyday life assumes the quality of a flamboyant fairytale. His images are alternately verite and constructed, gritty nightlife realism or staged and choreographed fantasies. And Kost has been pushing the envelope, experimenting with ever more ambitious projects.

If you’re in Paris this weekend you can see his latest show at The Nuke Gallery, 11 Rue Sainte Anastase, Paris. It’s up until 18th November.

NB. All the images above are cropped so you’d get a better sense of them. If you’d like to see the montages in their entirety then check out Kost’s site.