Jake Blanchard’s Illustrations Are Totemic And Full Of Rich Colour

Jake Blanchard Illustrations Totemic

Jake Blanchard‘s illustrations are totemic, full of rich colour, his designs broken down into simple forms that allude to everything from ancient cultures to animation and mythology to old video games with a bit of psychedelia thrown in for good measure. However it’s the natural world – perhaps because he grew up in the beautiful Peak district in England – that plays the largest role in Blanchard’s work.

Blanchard like many illustrators – I don’t know why but if someone can enlighten me I’d love to hear from you – has his own record label as well as a publishing company called Tor Press (I’d love my own publishing company) which sells small run zines, records and prints. I have great admiration for anyone trying to create a collective space for people to work in and with Tor press Blanchard seems to be doing exactly that.

So check out the zines as well as the many different projects Blanchard is involved in such as record sleeves, gig posters, skateboards, t-shirts and prints.