Jacob Van Loon’s Paintings Are Constructivist Visions Of America

| Art and design | February 26, 2013

Jacob Van Loon Paintings Constructivist

I’ve posted up Jacob Van Loon‘s work before. His illustrations. However, since then I’ve come across his watercolour paintings – his geometric compositions that leave his drawings in the shade – and thought it was about time I shared them with you. They’re the work of an obsessive, of a man who loves intricate detail, a graphic designer who sees the world through constructivist eyes.

His work, not surprisingly, is all about roads, connections, they are theoretical maps of America, gridded out in military precision, of a country that’s been built on a foundation of hope and dreams, industry and commerce, research and development. Yes there is colour, but it is an antithesis, the opposite, an organic flight out of order. Here’s what he has to say about the project:

[These are] various water-based media pieces representational of research conducted on the Lincoln Highway. This body of paintings combines geometric, architecturally-inspired shapes with organic bursts of colour and texture reminiscent of topography and road maps. The Lincoln Highway and cross-country travel was an idea born from the Midwest, and was the first road of it’s kind; birthing the interstate. It changed the way communication and connectivity occurs. Having studied art in a town where the first paved mile of the Lincoln Highway was created in the road’s early stages, its influence on commerce, development and communication have a direct influence on the paintings.

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