Isabel Reitemeyer’s Collages Are Minimal And Surreal

Isabel Reitemeyer Collage Called Smoking

Isabel Reitemeyer’s collages come from a minimal and utterly surreal place, one defined by her training as a designer, printer, set dresser and visual artist on film sets.

She has a wonderful sense of space and the underlying discipline in her practice keeps us focussed on the single image, engages us with an immediacy, creating a striking picture with an emotional impact.

Too often collage artists throw a plethora of fragments, scraps, aesthetic ideas and influences at us in the hope of overpowering our senses. But Reitemeyer is a contrarian. She chooses to define herself through the texture and intensity of the picture deriving as much as she needs, but no more, from the infinite number of contemporaneous images that bombard us everyday.

This understanding of the image and the desire to subvert its meaning underpins Reitemeyer’s work and so it’s no great surprise to find out that she admires collage artists such as Massimo Nota, Vincent Griffin and Philippe Jusforgues. All artists who revel in the surreality of the form.